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Following Louisa's retirement in 2018, the York, UK based flute quartet decided to make a selection of its repertoire of compositions and arrangements available online for other flute ensembles to enjoy.


(left to right) Angela Gordon, Lindsey Woods, Rosalind Grice, (bottom centre) Louisa Creed, (not pictured) Felicity Jones

The links below open sheet music in .pdf format. Please read the license.

Click on each composer/arranger's photo to read their biography.

Eve Clarke
Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 19.14.37.png
Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 19.14.55.png
Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 19.20.12.png

Arranged by Eve Clarke

For 4 C-flutes:

The Old Woman medley - parts

Strawberry Fair medley - parts score

Four Christmas Carols - parts score

Five Christmas Carols medley - parts score

Camp Town Races medley - parts score

Arranged by Sefton Cottom

For 3 C-Flutes and alto:

Haydn Divertimento - score and parts

For 3 C-Flutes:

Ave Verum - parts score

Brahms Waltz Op. 39 - parts score

Gershwin Summertime - parts

Haydn Weinzerler Trio No. 4 - score

J S Bach Menuetto from Sinfonia Op. 2- score and parts

McCartney When I'm 64 - parts score

Moszkowski Dance Op. 12 No. 1 - parts score

Moszkowski Dance Op. 12 No. 2 - parts score

Moszkowski Dance Op. 12 No. 3 Bolero - parts score

Trad. She Moved Through The Fair - score

Youmans T42 - score

Arranged by Angela Gordon

For 3 C-flutes and alto

Quartet No. 4 William Shield - parts

A Pearl for Rosalind Bizet/Hook - score

By Angela Gordon

For 3 C-flutes and alto

A Winter Wedding - parts score

Sefton Cottom
Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 19.15.04.png

A Garland of Flutes also recorded two albums featuring works by Thomas Simaku and Ben Heneghan.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.18.54.png

The album covers feature rag rugs by Louisa Creed. You can read a message from Louisa here and learn more about her rag rugs here.

Click here to send a message to A Garland of Flutes.

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